Crushed Ice Cut - A Guide to This Year's Hottest Design

If you're a jewellery lover, you'll love this crushed ice stone cut. It's got a unique and beautiful look that will make your jewellery collection stand out. Plus, it's easy to care for, so you can enjoy wearing it for years to come.

What is a Crushed Ice Cut?

The crushed ice cut is also known as a crushed glass cut, which is just a shape that resembles smashed glass or ice. But is the stone really fragmented? Absolutely not! This contemporary shape is gaining momentum fast in the jewellery industry, thanks to its unique properties.

How are Crushed Ice Cuts made?

When choosing the right shape of a diamond, a professional cutter will examine the raw material in order to determine which shape will create the most aluuring result. A crushed ice cut simply means the cutter used smaller facets when creating the finished product.

How are Crushed Ice Cuts used?

Crushed Ice Cuts are usually available in the classic clear colour, as many believe that to be the most versatile and timeless option. At House of Carats we pride ourselves in developing jewellery to suit the most varied personal styles and satisfy the most demanding jewellery lovers. Working with our customers, we created 5 Crushed Ice colours we set in our Brea Rings for ultimate sparkle. 

Why choose Crushed Ice Cuts?

Not all stone cuts are created equal. The complicated cutting structure of a crushed ice cut means at this moment, the technique may only be used when working with cushion cut stones. Thanks to their larger number of facets, crushed ice cut stones sparkle more compared to classic cuts. 

Choosing Your Crushed Ice Ring

So, you've seen a lot of crushed ice cuts and decided they're for you? Although these are going to be huge in 2022, we think that the jewellery industry is changing and more unique stone cuts are here to stay. Is a coloured stone something you'd like to try out? Or maybe you want to stick with the classics and choose a simple clear cut adorning a luscious gold band? Check out our Crushed Ice Cut collection and find your new favourite!